Welcome to the Biosocial Society

The BioSocial Society is an international academic society which aims to foster closer collaboration between those biological and social sciences engaged in exploring human biological and social diversity. It draws its membership from a wide range of academic disciplines, particularly those engaged in ‘boundary disciplines’ at the intersection between the natural and social sciences, such as: biocultural anthropology; medical sociology; demography; social medicine; the history of science; and bioethics.


Biosocial Society Student Bursaries

The Biosocial Society provides funds to help Masters and PhD students conduct research into the natural and social sciences. 

The Small Research Grants provides funds up to a maximum of £750 for conducting fieldwork.

The upcoming deadlines for these bursaries are:

Friday 15 April 2016

Friday 14 October 2016

Please see details on how to submit an application here.

The Parkes Foundation Grants

The Parkes Foundation aims to promote the study of biological and social topics with an emphasis on biosocial topics. Each year, the Foundation awards up to 6-8 small grants (about £750 each), and one PhD grant (up to £3,000), to help Masters and PhD students conduct their research.

Applications for the Small Grant Funds and PhD Grant Fundmay be submitted between:

1 December 2015 – Friday 8 January 2016 

Please find more information on how to apply here.

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